jadawel is the intuitive way to capture, collaborate and control data.

streamline your data gathering process, collaborate effortlessly, and make data-driven decisions with insightful dashboard data sources.

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Your Dashboards go-to stack

“jadawel” makes it very intuitive to feed your BI dashboards and get instant updates.


Spreadsheet-like data grid

jadawel's data grid is designed to be intuitive to use and familiar to anyone who has worked with a spreadsheet before. You can add, delete, and edit rows and columns.

Rich data types

Jadawel supports a variety of data types, including numbers, dates, and text, as well as the adding validation checks to customize advanced types. This makes it easy to work with a wide range of data types in a single place.

Tailored permissions

Jadawel enables assigning permission to a space, table or a column for a specific user or a team. The permission can be controlled from the space or the user or team level.

Edit data in forms

Jadawel's auto-generated forms feature for adding a record makes it easy to collect data from multiple sources. Simply share the table and start collecting data in real-time.

Use Cases

Data Collection

Use jadawel to facilitate data collection with the benefits of custom access.

Centerlized Source

jadawel can act as your single source of truth.

Data Validation

Use jadawel to validate data types and enforce clean data sources.

Data Governance

Allow collaboration and agility without compromising data governance.

Auditing and Compliance

Use jadawel to track and audit changes made to the data.

Agile Data Management

jadawel enable organizations to adapt their data structures to changing business needs.

Get Started

Introduce jadawel in your organization and ensure single source of truth.